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For this we work

We are We

As a family business, we know: Together we are more. That's why every employee is of great value to the company - regardless of his or her task or position. Trust, commitment and honesty are a matter of course for us. And we live these values in our day-to-day work. Our customers also appreciate this, because it makes us a reliable partner you can always count on.

Löscher makes it possible

What others need weeks for, we manage in just a few days. We love the challenge and make feasible what others doubt. This has already earned us the reputation of being an emergency anchor: Because for us, top quality and efficiency are not a contradiction in terms, but rather our drive to give our best for our customers. Always.

One for all

We help not only in the development, but already in the planning of your product and bring in our knowledge where you need it. This is how one or the other prototype has already been created at Löscher. Our employees appreciate this versatility, because it presents exciting tasks. As a company, this makes us a flexible partner for the most diverse requirements.

On principle

Family values have a long tradition with us. That's why we prefer sustainable growth to the pursuit of quick profits. This secures jobs and creates a healthy environment for our employees. For 25 years, this attitude has made us a successful and stable factor in the region. As entrepreneurs and as a family, we are proud of this.

Mission statement


  • Product quality: the quality of our products is the most important thing for us and for our customers
  • Employees: our employees are our success factor and we rely on a friendly and informal working atmosphere. We are a training company and always support our employees with further education and training
  • Further development: all employees are involved in the continuous optimization process.

Environment: the preservation of the environment is important to us. Waste is recycled or reused, where possible. We also use reusable packaging to further reduce waste. In order to save energy, we are taking the path of self-sufficiency.


  • Fulfillment of the requirements expected of us
  • Motivation, satisfaction and flexibility
  • Family structure, performance and future-oriented
  • Creating transparency, fulfilling legal requirements
  • Protecting the environment and reducing environmental pollution, sustainable management
  • Continuous improvement of processes and procedures


We will expand our market position and become a market leader in our niche thanks to our great flexibility and our ability to adapt to order changes as well as our adherence to delivery dates

Through constant modernization and investment, we are an attractive company for both our customers and our employees

Careful and sustainable use of resources and the use of renewable energy help us to continue to grow and remain an attractive supplier for our customers

No delivery without testing

The quality of our products is the most important thing for us. Depending on the requirements, we also carry out product-specific spot checks within the production process. For sophisticated components and assemblies, we also carry out 100% electrical function tests. All products (cables, semi-finished products, finished devices...) are still subjected to an output test before delivery.

Thus we guarantee our customers our international quality standard and all our products leave our premises quality-tested.

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